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    100% American made
    utilizing Seattle area
    sheltered workshops.

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    Natural pumice like stone that catches and removes pilling.

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    A natural, easy way to remove pilling
    and renew the finish of garments.



























The stones broken cells actually cut the filaments that hold the pills to the garment removing them and restoring the nap of fabrics.











In a cramped basement in Washington in 1986 an idea was started to provide consumers with a natural healthy alternative to using dry cleaners.

26  years later Sweater Stone is a cottage industry that has graced the shelves of some of Americas and Europes finest stores. By simply using Sweater Stone, the average consumer can save hundreds of dollars on sweater care and avoid harsh chemicals used during dry cleaning. 100% American made we’ve utilized local sheltered workshops in the Seattle area for over 27 years.

Sweater Stone is a garment grooming aid that you might not need everyday. However, when you do need it, nothing works as well as a Sweater Stone for removing pilling and balling.

we’ve utilized local sheltered workshops in the Seattle area for over 27 years.



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Its easy to use.

•Identify the problem area on any knit or fabric that develops pilling or balling.
•Gently brush the Sweater Stone over the problem area of the garment.
•You’ll notice the cells of the stone accumulate the pilling.
•Repeat until area is clean of pills and balls.





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